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Colorado Springs Painting Services 

We believe everyone should have a reliable, inviting home, and this can be achieved with a newly painted house, deck, and/or pergola. Stewart Exteriors is a team of professionals focused on caring for your home as much as you do and being a partner you can trust. We only use the highest quality materials, have expert craftsman, and work with an attitude of ownership. We’re with you for every step of the process, from color selection, to coordinating schedules, to taking extra precautions, and managing the project from start to finish. This is why Stewart is the trusted choice for house exterior painting services in Colorado Springs.

House Exterior Painting Process 

  • Complete the request a consultation form or call us at (719) 418-5713
  • Together we set up a time to visit your home & provide an estimate
  • Sign a contract, select colors, schedule the work, paint!
  • We start by pressure washing the house
  • Drop cloths laid around the perimeter of the house
  • Windows, doors, and lights are masked off
  • Loose paint scraped and primed
  • Bottom edge of three rows of siding closest to the ground are primed
  • Highest-rated caulking used to reseal cracks, seams, and nail heads (70% pliable)
  • Highest quality paints used, Sherwin Williams Duration or Resilience
  • Jobsite picked up daily
  • Final walk-thru after work is completed

Why Stewart Exteriors 

  • Professional, Reputable
  • No exclusion warranty (length dependent on paint selection)
  • Project manager assigned to every job
  • Prep work emphasized
  • Efficient, Organized