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Tom Stewart

Tom Stewart


I am a 3rd generation Coloradan, although my father was an Air Force officer so we moved several times growing up. Stops included Portugal – where I learned to roll my “r’s”, and San Antonio – where I learned to like George Gervin and the Spurs. Fortunately, most of my childhood was spent in a farming community in Southern Illinois, a good place to spend one’s youth. I graduated high school in Centennial and attended UCCS – where I studied business and played basketball.

UPS was my employer after college until suffering an injury, at which time my father-in-law introduced me to construction. He was a retired builder from the Indianapolis area. I’ve been in the construction industry ever since.

I am a widower and single father of a soon-to-be high school boy.

My hobbies include playing lots of tennis with my son, cycling, working out, watching sports, reading, cooking, and the Lord, not necessarily in that order. The cooking thing leads to eating, of course. Which leads to more working out, it’s a vicious cycle.